Water Based 300 x Blackbook Ink x Westfield

Recently Blackbook Ink took on a project involving the execution of a huge mural inside Westfield Miranda. The obvious choice for paint was the new MTN Water Based 300, as the mural was to be completed indoor and during trading hours. The low-odour paint was perfect for the job, and allowed shoppers to watch and walk by without the need for ventilation or masks. The 50+ strong colour range was heavily utilised in this piece, a rare characteristic for a new product. Take a look at the snaps from the production!

BBI1 BBI2 BBI3 BBI4 BBI5 BBI6 BBI7 BBI8 BBI9 BBI10 BBI11 BBI12 BBI13 BBI14 BBI15 [catalog-product slug="mtn-water-based-300"]

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