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You all know who it is. Peque VRS, AKA The Mexican Monster, as we like to call him. Hands down one of the best artists to grace the walls of Sydney, and the world. Recognised globally for his incredible characters and pieces, Peque's works are simply unrivalled. Peque is a close friend of ours here at MTN Australia, and loves to keep us up to date with that he's been doing, so take a look at a handful of photos from the last couple of months from Peque.

Also, just in case you've missed it, Peque was given the accolade of having his own MTN Limited Edition Can, of which only 500 exist worldwide. There are just a few left here at MTN Australia, so be sure to get your hands on one in store on our web shop.PQ1 PQ2 PQ3PQ3.5 PQ4 PQ5 PQ6 PQ7 PQ8 PQ9 PQ10 PQ11 [catalog-product slug="mtn-limited-edition-cans"]

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