Water Based 100

Upon the outstandingly successful project that was 2014's Water Based 300, Montana Colors are releasing a new format of the product. The new Water Based 100 is the same high quality, high performance paint, but in a 100ml capacity, instead of the standard 300ml. This makes for a more manageable aerosol product, opening doors to use in schools, workshops and classrooms. Gone are the concerns and dangers associated with spray paint. The Water Based 100 is the perfect product for the up and coming generation of artists.


Spray paint formulated with low odor, water soluble resins and high quality pigments. Suitable for Fine Arts, Graffiti, and other professional work both indoors and outdoors. Water resistant once dry.

WB3Ideal packs for school workshops:

Workshop Pack

16 colors. Kit that comes with a spray can of each color on the color chart (see below), and is ideal for workshops and recreational activities, as well as for beginners who want to try out this new (spray) paint technique. Even the littlest kids at home can enjoy painting with these aerosol paints, thanks to their easy to clean, water based resins.

Six Pack

6 colors. Also available in packs of the 6 basic colours, or packs of six of the same color. Same 100 ml format but available in the popular 6 unit pack of Montana Colors. Ideal for the most loyal users of our products or for shops and distributors, since the boxes contain the same color.


Keep your stock of Water Based 100 organized with this convenient, Montana Colors tabletop display case. 78 spray can capacity. Size:

Height: 55 cm Width: 39 cm Depth: 44 cm

WB6 WB5It will be a while until the Water Based 100 arrives on Australian shores, so in the mean time, make the most of the bigger brother, the Water Based 300 and keep your eyes on our website and social media for their arrival date!

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