You know the name - Cekios. The notorious WTCS and OTP crew member who's more than well known for some of the most conceptually innovative and well executed graffiti ever to hit a wall. His pieces are constantly evolving, and are undeniably unique. We've recently received a little stash full of snaps from Cekios, some old, some new. Consider it his Christmas present to us, which we're passing onto you. Enjoy Cekios responsibly.

Cks 1 Cks 2 Cks 3 Cks 4 Cks 5 Cks 6 Cks 7 Cks 8 Cks 9 Cks 10 Cks 11 Cks 12 Cks 13 Cks 14 Cks 15 Cks 16 Cks 17 [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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