Good news - The Versus Project is back! This time with Trus from MOA and BAD crews. Did you really think it was over? There's still a mass of colours to be dealt with,which means a load of new episodes are on their way. If you're new to The Versus Project, it involves an artist taking on a single colour from the Hardcore 2 range with just black and white, and getting busy. In the past we've seen some insane pieces from the likes of Brus, Cekios and more. Check out some previous rounds of The Versus Project here.

The new edition kicks off with Trus, a legendary Berlin writer renowned for his panels running on the Berlin train and metro system. Trus has figured out the balance between quality and quantity, and in this video rocks a polished German style on the beautiful yellow Berlin subway using only one colour, Element Green, with black and white. TRS1 TRS2 TRS3 TRS4 TRS5 TRS6 TRS7 [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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