You know the name. Ever since Sare 2 arrived on Australian shores from China, he's been dropping some super tidy pieces, and recently has been pushing his limits with some burning tracksides. Along with well known Sydney writer Iske, Sare 2 has been putting down some beautiful colour ways with even better letters.

His style has an old school funk with some new school flavour tied in, making for some unique pieces, which really stand out from the rest. The Chinese influence can be seen through not just his letters in pieces but his handstyles as well. Safe to say, this guy is someone to keep an eye on. Check out a handful of Sare 2's latest! SRE1 SRE2 SRE3 SRE4 SRE5 SRE6 SRE7 SRE8 SRE9 SRE10 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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