There's always an array of younger writers making their mark on the city and the scene, but every now and then, one sticks out. This happened when we spotted the work of Sider, a Sydney writer who brings more than his fair share to the table.

We kept our eyes on him for a while, constantly enjoying his pieces, before we finally had to share them with you all. We're stoked to share a handful of his finest pieces, all with tidy colourways, tidier lines and some funky characters. We had a quick chat to Sider and asked him to fill us in on himself, and here's what he had to say: "Basically grew up around Sydney, so it's mainly where I've painted apart from a few odd trips down to Melbourne which was also pretty sweet to paint. I'll hopefully end up down there eventually. I guess I'm a bit of a late bloomer as far as graff goes, I've probably only been painting for 4 years. [In regards to crews] Apart from trying to start a few muck around crews with mates, I've never repped any solid crews. Just been happy meeting up and painting with people from all around and having a laugh, having a crew to chuck up was never something I really cared too much about. At the moment after dabbling in a few other life paths I've finally settled on Graphic Design which has been pretty interesting in itself, and also somewhat influential on my approach to graff. It's led to a few interesting pieces or trying a few things I don't think I normally would have. Cheers to any one who I've crossed paths with, rocked a wall with or just had a good laugh with." To stay in the loop with Sider, check him out on Instagram @siderous SDR1 SDR2 SDR3 SDR4 SDR5 SDR6 SDR7 SDR8 SDR9 SDR10 SDR11 SDR12 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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