The crew at Montana Colors in Spain have just released this beautiful video showcasing the incredible diversity of the MTN Water Based 300. They were approached by Paco Cavero (illustrator, colourist, writer, director and audiovisual producer) who suggested producing a short, sharp, well made video to demonstrate the qualities of the Water Based 300.

What he produced is this amazing showcase featuring Saturno, a Spanish illustrator, tattooist and graffiti artist who's work boasts incredible fictional realism, saliva included. The whole point of this video is to show not just that you can use the Water Based 300 indoors when the weather outside is glum, but you can create new effects which previously, haven't been possible with spray paint. The Water Based 300 breaks many barriers, and the more we use it, the more we discover is possible. From mixing colours to using brushes or sponges, or using them just like normal spray paint, the Water Based 300 is only limited by your creativity. “If the weather’s no good, you can stay inside and continue enjoying what you like the most.” Check Saturno out on Facebook, Behance and Instagram @saturnoags STRN1 STRN2 STRN3 STRN4 STRN5 STRN6 STRN7 STRN8 [catalog-product slug="mtn-water-based-300"]

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