The British artist we know as INSA has just taken his work to a whole new level, creating the world's biggest animated GIF in Rio de Janeiro. In a project coordinated by Ballantines, as a part of their 'Stay True Stories' project, INSA and a team of twenty painters spent a phenomenal 576 hours in total painting 57,515 square meters. How's that for buff duty?

The GIF was created by a satellite taking images over four consecutive days, resulting in a looping image, the largest scale of it's kind to date. As amazing as this project is, if anything, it's just the beginning of a new era of graffiti combined with technology. Can we come to expect a new wave of extra, extra large works to happen? You tell us! But until then, check out the video of the project. INS2 INS3 INS4 INS5 INS6 INS7 INS8PrintINS1 [catalog-product slug="mtn-water-based-300"]

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