The Grifters are always up to something. Recently Boris and his crew of mischievous fiends have sparked a collaboration with Taps & Moses (International Top Sprayers). JUST PAINT™ has seen the painting of many trains, but not in the usual manner. These trains have been hit with bursts of colour as the fellas crack cans, unleashing a wild onslaught of paint onto the trains. Leaving the trains looking bright and banging.

The project involves more than just enhancing trains with beautiful colour. The JUST PAINT™ project brings with it a limited run of 500 T-Shirts bearing a four colour screen print of a train door wearing a coat of colour courtesy of Taps & Moses. These shirts are currently available for pre-sale through The Grifters here and wills ship on the 15th of February.JUSTPAINT7 JUSTPAINT6 JUSTPAINT5 JUSTPAINT4 JUSTPAINT3 JUSTPAINT2 JUSTPAINT1 JUSTPAINT9 JUSTPAINT8 [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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