We're excited to bring you this video produced with Melbourne legend Dvate. Dvate is always pushing the boundaries of what is achievable on wall, canvas or in this case, marine ply. When we released the new Water Based 300, Dvate was chomping at the bit to test them out and put them to good use. In this video we explore the diversity of the product and how it can be used in a range of applications.

Watch as Dvate paints marine ply and paper by spraying directly onto the surface, painting with a brush from the can lid, and using water spray to achieve effects of varied opacity and viscosity - and notice that he completes the entire project indoors. No odours? No worries. Never before has spray paint been such a versatile tool. The new Water Based 300 breaks many barriers previously put in place by the chemicals in spray paint, and excels in every way. The main piece 'Orange Umber Chrome' in this video and the others you see briefly all sold not long after being launched online at 1xRun. It's safe to say that Dvate was able to produce some incredible next level work with the Water Based 300, what will you create? To try the new Water Based 300, shop online here or come and visit us at The MTN Shop Sydney - Unit 10, 19 Daniel Street Wetherill Park NSW. DVT1 DVT2 DVT3 DVT4 DVT5 DVT6 [catalog-product slug="mtn-water-based-300"]

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