Sare 2 - NOSTALGIA - Wrap Up

Lat night played host to Sare2's first solo show - NOSTALGIA - at The Tate Gallery, Glebe. The appropriately named show was a testament to the amount of time Sare2 has spent refining and developing his style, including elements which we've seen creep into his pieces over the past few months.

An unmissable presence of marble was there in each of his pieces, along with shapes, colours and layouts which has people thinking back to old 90's style MTV videos. It was incredible to see how he arranged these old components with modern inclusions to create the sense of nostalgia, flashing back to the old, and looking forward to the new. Sare 2 completed the works on plywood canvasses, using MTN spray paint products and MTN Tempera Paint. A versatile, water based acrylic, perfect for canvas and studio work. Keep your eyes on Sare2, because this guy is going places! Check him out on Instagram @sare2 NSTLG 1 NSTLG 2 NSTLG 3 NSTLG 4 NSTLG 5 NSTLG 6 NSTLG 7 NSTLG 8 [catalog-product slug="mtn-tempera-paint"]

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