THE VERSUS PROJECT - NEOKS vs. Princess Violet

The Versus Project is back with round four for 2015, and just like every previous edition, this round brings a selected writer head on with a single colour from the Hardcore 2 range along with only black and white. A challenge that sets the toys apart from the burners. In this round we watch Argentinian writer Neoks take on Princess Violet while visiting Barcelona.

Rocking a monster sized piece Neoks takes on the challenge seriously, and leaves behind one of the freshest 3 colour pieces I think we've seen in the project. His style is certainly unique, recognisable and peculiar. If you've missed any previous rounds of The Versus Project, check them out here!Nks1Nks2Nks3Nks4Nks5Nks6Nks7 [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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