Custom Terrain x MTN Water Based 300

Custom Terrain is not what you might call your usual MTN spray paint user. We discovered Custom Terrain when Elliott James came into our shop after searching for Water Based spray paint, and we were curious to see what he was getting up to with it. When he told us and filled us in, we knew we had to share this with you.

Elliott James runs a niche design studio producing model scenery for real-life tabletop games such as Warhammer or Dungeons & Dragons. His work involves sculpting or assembling an original design in a medium like wax, clay or foam, and then he produces a silicone mould of the piece. A copy of the original can then be cast from the mould, and is then painted and finished. His subject matter includes natural scenery, fantasy settings, alien worlds, and Sci-Fi or industrial scenery. We were curious to see why Elliott found the Water Based 300 to be the right paint for the job, and this is what he said; "I am always on the hunt for new techniques and new products which will open up possibilities for my creativity. Spray paints present an efficient way for me to quickly get colour onto my work, however in the past the limiting factor has always been the lack of colours available in conventional sprays. I stumbled across Montana paints recently and was immediately inspired by their extensive range of colours, and that they are widely available in a matte finish (gloss finish doesn't work very well on the pieces I paint). To top it off the Water Based 300 series I am using now is almost completely odourless, and because it is water-based I can use it on foam surfaces - something I could never do with regular spray paint (the solvents in regular spray paint will dissolve foam). I've been able to very quickly integrate Montana's paint range into my workflow. It is saving me time and giving me new ideas to creatively paint and finish my designs." Though this isn't your usual graff-based update, it's always interesting to see what people get up to with Montana Colors products. Are you like Elliott? Do you use our products for something other than graffiti? Let us know! Get in touch at Elliott has also done a review of the Water Based 300 on his YouTube channel, which you can check out down below! CT 1A rusted industrial generator painted entirely with Montana paints. The lettering and stripes were done using stencils. CT 2A rusted chemical vat and some cargo crates painted entirely with Montana paints. The vat has had clear resin water effects poured inside it. CT 3Fantasy themed accessories for roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. Here the basecoat, stone and timber colours were done with Montana paints, while the other colours were done with Reaper Master Series model paints. Montana's semi-transparent black was used as a 'wash' to bring out the fine detail (for example in the woodgrain). CT 4 CT 5 [catalog-product slug="mtn-water-based-300"]

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