Phawc (pronounced 'force') is one cat you probably haven't heard of - but you better remember the name. This guy cares not for beef, cares not for riff raff, and just does what he does - which is make letters look good. Calling Sydney home, Phawc doesn't write with a crew, often hitting spots solo, keeping things low key. But in no way are his pieces low key, we'll say that much.

With influences not limited to his location, you can spot some european flavour in there, but of course there's some classic Sydney elements. Phawc also has a keen eye for colour combinations. As a graphic designer he's exposed to colour theory and what actually looks good, so his pieces often involve unlikely but super tasty colours. Again, as a graphic designer, whilst often rocking traditional graffiti style pieces, Phawc breaks into typography and other unexpected styles from time to time. Keep en eye out for this guy, since we spotted his work out and about we've noticed dramatic style development and some serious burners coming from the man. And putting his work aside, he's just a top bloke. Coming soon to an abando near you! Be sure to check him out on Instagram @phawc PHWC 1 PHWC 2 PHWC 3 PHWC 4 PHWC 5 PHWC 6 PHWC 7 PHWC 8 PHWC 9 PHWC 10 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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