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Sydney writers Nerve and Morbid are two names you won't want to forget. These two have been getting busy together for some time now, bringing incredibly different styles to the table, but killing it in their own ways, these guys just don't stop. These two also frequently get down with a few other fellas you may recognise from our blog, Peque, Akume, Inks and others. If only you could see the phenomenal stash of flicks they sent our way! We've served up the best of the bunch for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy the heat that is Nerve and Morbid.

We also have a quick few words from Nerve, just letting us into the mind of the man, where he's been and where he's going. "I write NERVE, been hitting it up since 94. The crews I'm down with are TNS and RUN RIOT (RR crew I started back in the mid 90's with Dimyse TNS). I mainly paint with my crew. Do a fair bit with MORBID, PAIN, BARS, FAZER, CRAB, INKS & AKUME. All close mates. I'm from Sydney's north. All TNS WAS A HUGE influence when I was starting out. Did a lot of stuff with MYSTERY for a few years in late 90's early 2000. He taught me a lot about painting and the culture. My crew is what gets me keen to get busy. There are so many writers that kill it, to many to mention, but I painted a wall alongside MORBID and PEQUE. They both killed it. PEQUE's stuff blows my mind." NM 1 NM 27 NM 26 NM 25 NM 24 NM 23 NM 22 NM 21 NM 20 NM 19 NM 18 NM 17 NM 16 NM 15 NM 14 NM 13 NM 12 NM 11 NM 10 NM 9 NM 8 NM 7 NM 6 NM 5 NM 4 NM 3 NM 6 NM 5 NM 4 NM 3 NM 2 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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