The Versus Project is back with yet another burning round. Things always get a little heated in The Versus Project, and this round is no exception with the Danish crew, DUA Boys taking on Luxor Yellow. Money and Spare made light work of this video, doing Luxor Yellow more than justice. Not familiar with The Versus Project? Let us fill you in! It's a simple concept where an artist (or multiple artists in this case) are put to the test to rock a piece with only one colour from the Hardcore 2 range, along with black and white. Some may find this to be challenging, but we often see some of the tidiest pieces in The Versus Project, where the distraction of fancy fills and colours is stripped back, and all that remains are fresh, fresh letters. If you want to catch up on previous editions of The Versus Project, and we advise you do, head on over and check them out here. DBYS 1 DBYS 2 DBYS 3 DBYS 4 DBYS 5 DBYS 6 DBYS 7 DBYS 8    

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