TEN K - Crooked Collaborations x Water Based 300

Watch as three members of Perth's Ten K, FERLY, RLSM and DEBT make a Crooked Collaboration in association with Jam Jar App, at the launch party. Not just did the three fellas bring the heat, producing an incredible piece for Jam Jar, but they raised eyebrows pushing the boundaries with the Water Based 300. Painting indoor? No worries. Blending colours? No worries.

The Water Based 300 is perfect for events like this, the Jam Jam App launch party, where people are in a confined space. Previously having live art at events meant that either the artists had to be in a separate area, or outdoors, or the guests would have to put up with the smell of the paint. The only other alternative was to use pre-existing brands of water based spray paint which made for drippy lines, and a huge cost. Thanks to MTN, now that isn't a concern, and live art can happen right in front of an audience, without concern for odour or a mess. Problem solved. Get your hands on the Water Based 300 online here or in store at The MTN Shop Sydney, or contact your local graff shop or art supplies store and ask them to get it on their shelves! And keep an eye on the guys at Ten K, they've shown some serious heat from the west and I'm sure it's not the last we'll hear from them. Check out their first Crooked Collaborations video here.TK 1 TK 2 TK 3 TK 4 TK 5 TK 6 TK 7 [catalog-product slug="mtn-water-based-300"]

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