After relocating to their new bigger and better premises on Cleveland Street Sydney, Work Shop have begun gracing their walls with pieces from infamous artists from all over. Guido Van Helten, Anthony Lister and Phibs are just a few of the artists who have already made their mark, and in this video, we watch Numskull and Thomas Jackson contribute.

Numskull and Thomas Jackson were filmed by friend of Work Shop and ever talented man behind the lens, Sam Brumby in a video that briefly documents their piece (and scissorlift antics) and their 94 rocking ways. The strong resin based pigments within the 94 are the only choice for a job like this, creating a piece which will stand the test of time against the elements. Not just does the 94 last, it goes down like a dream, but hey, we don't need to tell you about that. NSTJWS 1 NSTJWS 2 NSTJWS 3 NSTJWS 4 NSTJWS 5 NSTJWS 6 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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