As you've already seen from previous videos and features, the new MTN Water Based 300 is an incredibly versatile tool, perfect for the fine arts due to so many contributing properties. However, we can't emphasise enough just how good the Water Based 300 is when it comes to traditional graffiti. Pure can and wall action. Watch John Kaye in this video from the homies at Montana Colors Queensland and 7 Tate showing just how good the Water Based 300 is, and how it can be used to execute the freshest and most flavoursome graffiti out. From the studio to the wall and beyond, the Water Based 300 is the perfect tool for every job.

Not just does the Water Based 300 contain the highest quality resin based pigments that you'll find across the entire MTN range, it packs a few punches that spray paint has never packed before. Firstly - the smell, or lack thereof. Since it's conception spray paint has been known for it's strong odour, which can be a bit of a giveaway, especially for graffiti purposes. Fear no more, as the Water Based 300 is almost completely odourless, opening doors to endless possibilities for painting indoors, in classrooms, studios and more, we'll let you use your imagination here. The Water Based 300 is also incredibly thick, bringing a stop to messy, drippy lines often associated with water based spray paint. So you have the advantages of high quality aerosol, without the hassles of a synthetic product. This means solvent-free clean up, so you can tidy up with just soap and water. We are also bringing the new Water Based 100 to MTN Australia, the little brother of the Water Based 300. The Water Based 100 is, as the name implies, a smaller, 100ml version of the Water Based product. Available individually and in studio packs. Keep your eyes peeled, as these will be arriving soon at MTN Australia! JK 1 JK 2 JK 3 JK 4 JK 5 JK 6 JK 7 [catalog-product slug="mtn-water-based-300"]

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