THE HERD - Matt Scott

Sydney artist Matt Scott has a solo exhibition - The Herd coming up on April 8th, form 6pm - 8pm at Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown. Going by the teasers Matt has shown us, it looks like it's set to be an incredible show with some very detailed and sharply executed pieces. His style is very unique, and carries with it a vectorised style feel, whilst still maintaining a hand-painted appearance.

Get down to the gallery at Pidoch Street Camperdown for the opening night. The show will continue to run from the 9th to the 19th of April at CCG, with the gallery open from Thursday to Sunday form 11am - 4pm. Don't forget to check out Matt Scott's website and check him out on Instagram @kamion_ for some extra sneak previews of the pieces he's preparing for the show. MS 0 MS 1 MS 2 [catalog-product slug="mtn-water-based-300"]

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