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Peque is back with another incredible mural, something we've come to expect from the Mexican Monster. Not just do Peque's murals look insane, they often carry a message, which is no exception in this case. This mural is called 'My Memories' and is based on Peque's past, where he came from and where he has found himself today.

This is what Peque had to say about the mural: "The idea/theme of this mural is some of  'My Mrmories' , it starts on the right with my face and the memories jumping out of my mind. From my arrival to Australia represented with a typical Aussie building, to the train tracks that passed near my home when I first lived here. It is about seeing the mass migration of Latinos to North America and abroad.   Painted you'll see "Faltan 43"  which means '43 are missing'. This is for the 43 students of Ayotzinapan, which disappeared in Mexico without a trace. The lady represents one of the typical mothers from the barrio or hood, whilst different characters and styles are represented by the characters standing around. You'll see kids playing football -these are some of my nice childhood memories. 
In the background is a barrio, which even has a taco stand and other elements in it. I made the most of the window by putting an old style decoration which is on almost every Mexican house; a window adorned with flowers and plants." Enjoy some of the flicks that Peque was nice enough to send our way, and don't forget to check out his website, Facebook page and Instagram page @altarpequevrs

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