Jordi Rubio, the founder of Montana Colors recently sat down for a chat with The Hundreds in an interview titles "The Story Behind Graffiti's Favourite Paint". The article encapsulates the origins of the brans, the reason it came to be, and the impact which the Montana Shop and it's gallery has had on Barcelona.

Without a doubt Montana Colors are the original and the number one choice in paint for artists and graffiti writers of all kinds, and the founder, Jordi Rubio is the driving force, and has been since day one. Not just is he behind "Graffiti's Favourite Paint' - he's also motivated, enthusiastic, and constantly pushing the boundaries of what a spray can is capable of. Montana Colors is constantly developing new products to fill the needs of those who work in the studio, and those who roam the tracksides. Head over to The Hundreds and check out the interview here. “The graffiti world is very small, if you do things well and you are honest or real, you get an appreciation,” - Jordi Rubio MTNTH1 MTNTH2 MTNTH3 MTNTH4 MTNTH5 MTNTH6 [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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