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For the last two years the month of May has seen writers from all over the world pick up their pens and tackle 31 words. One a day for every day of May. The concept of an array of writers from around the globe taking on the same word on the same day brings a sense of comradery to the scene, and at the same time, a sense of rivalry and competition. A drive to beat the best with your page burners.

This year is set to be no exception, with even more writers getting ready for the event, arming themselves with markers and blackbooks as they await the dropping of the list. The dreaded list - filled with words that were seemingly created to look good, and others that are a writers nightmare (we all remember trying to take on Banana last year). Well we're proud to bring you the dreaded list, and to be honest, we're pretty happy with what's been decided. There's some real missions in there, but there's also some that aren't too bad, and some that will result in undoubtedly some of the best sketches to hit books in 2015. We've also thrown in a word of our own - Hardcore. A tribute to the original paint created for graffiti and the arts. Another big part of Sketch A Day May, or SADM as it's come to be known, is the rewards. This year, just like last year, stickers are finding their way around. But, unlike last year, a huge prize is going out to the person who can hit the best sticker slap during the event. The best slap (be it best location, best photo, whatever you deem to be best) this year will take home a massive $1000. Yep. One thousand dollars, for slapping up a sticker. Sounds too easy? Get busy! It'd there to be won! And of course, prizes will be given to those who rock the hardest. Not just once, but daily. We all remember Brisbane's Space from last year. Every day the man rocked full colour burners, and took home the Geedup prize. Us here at MTN Australia and the homies at Geedup are backing the event again, putting up huge prize packs for the victors of this month-long sketch marathon. So do you think you can handle a sketch a day? Take it on, and go hard - there's prizes to be won! Now, as promised - the list. Below are the words that will push your swing, connections and overall flow throughout the month of May. Take them down! And don't forget that when you upload your sketches to include the hashtag #SADM15 and #sketchadaymay 1. Stealth 2. Heave 3. Iron 4. Zenith 5. Spain 6. Treasure 7. Crystal 8. Oasis 9. Texture 10. Estate 11. Zero 12. Reflect 13. Avenue 14. Inside 15. Murkers 16. Fast 17. Under 18. Vanish 19. Quality 20. Smile 21. Insane 22. Hardcore - Brought to you by MTN Australia 23. Change 24. Attack 25. Evil 26. Shadow 27. Quest 28. Hustle 29. Cargo 30. Crack. 31. Cream Until tomorrow, check out some bangers from last years Sketch A Day May - and head over to our webshop to get stocked on your blackbooking essentials!SADM1 SADM2 SADM3 SADM4 SADM5 [catalog-product slug="spirax-sketchbooks"]
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