MTN Stockist - The Graff Caff

We're proud to let you know that there is a new MTN Stockist in town - The Graff Caff. Yep, a Cafe dedicated to Graffiti and all that is associated with it. Not just can you get a legit brew at The Graff Caff, you can now get your hands on a range of 94's and Hardcore 2's while you get that sweet coffee hit - and for this week only, they're running a sale on their newly welcomed MTN sprays!

Until close of business on Sunday (17th of May) get MTN 94's for only $7.50 and Hardcore 2's for only $6.50. Best deals in town? You bet. Located at 495 Marrickville Rd (New Canterbury Rd), Dulwich Hill NSW, The Graff Caff also has available an array of house-made eats, including gluten free granola with pear, ANZAC muffins, organic beef burgers, breakfast muffins, custard tarts and more. We've also heard they make a mean chunky meat pie. This place is definitely a must-visit haunt for all writers and artists. For more, check them out on Facebook and Instagram. What: The Graff Caff. Where: 495 Marrickville Rd (New Canterbury Rd), Dulwich Hill. When: Open 7am - 4pm daily for Breakfast and Lunch. Why: Quality coffee, house-made food and Montana Colors paint.GC6GC1 GC2 GC3GC5GC6GC7GC8 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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