123Klan in Sydney

Our good friends and French-Canadian graffiti legends 123Klan recently paid a visit to Sydney for Streets Ahead - an event organised by aMBUSH Gallery and Eddie Zammit of T-World in collaboration with the Vivid festival. Streets Ahead saw 123Klan along with Mishka, Lamour Supreme, Jeff Staple and Tony Arcabascio. We also made a sly appearance at Streets Ahead with a Pop Up shop along with the guys from Well Dressed Vandals, Ruler Wurc, Phable Denim and more.

While Streets Ahead was a wild success, 123Klan were keen to get down to business and paint while they were in Sydney. We got behind them as they did exactly this, and joined forces with Greg of Mishka, Lamour Supreme, Phibs, Peque, Pudler and Sare2.

They painted their way into dusk on Friday evening and went back on Saturday to polish things up. Finished snaps courtesy of Grizzle and Sare2.

We can't thank 123Klan enough for the good times shared by all while they were in town, and for the wall they graced Sydney with before they left. To check the wall out for yourself, head over to Shirlow Street, Sydenham and take a look.KLN 1 KLN 2 KLN 3 KLN 4 KLN 5 KLN 6 KLN 7KLN 13KLN 14KLN 15KLN 16KLN 17KLN 18KLN 19KLN 8KLN 9KLN 10KLN 11KLN 12
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