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Graffiti is an art form that constantly changes with the times; not just because of its agile evolution, but also because of its street presence that forces it to be in contact with the most immediate social changes. Montana Colors has to evolve just as quick and our will to constantly renew the brand isn’t only reflected in our technical advances in the paint. For us, the aesthetic component is also a fundamental part of our identity, and for that reason our spray can designs also require renewal.

Following the evolution that transformed Hardcore, it’s time to give the 94 can a makeover. It has become one of the most emblematic formats of our brand, thanks to its unbeatable performance. The new design is more uniform and simple and unifies the format with the rest of the MTN spray cans, while at the same time suggests a simplicity that stands in unison with its easy use. To put the icing on the cake and give a touch of originality, the design includes different slogans about its use, written in unique typefaces in different colours created by, Ausias Pérez.

These new 94's are now in production and will find their way around the world in the coming months. Keep an eye out for these in store at MTN Australia!

Not just is the 94 can itself receiving a makeover - the donuts that sit on top of every can identifying the colour inside have been revamped, bringing a style of donut to the industry that's never been seen before. Montana Colors was the first company to use a donut to identify paint colour, and now they're mixing it up to stay ahead of the curve. The new donuts boast the MTN logo - the parabola in an unmistakable and unique design. These too are now in production and will be making their way around the globe on cans across the MTN range. You may already have found one or two on a few 94 Matte Black's that snuck their way into Australia.

And to top this all off, the Hardcore has received a minor makeover too. The can still bears the bold Hardcore logo and matte black surface, but has taken on some minor adjustments to make sure the whole range looks super sharp together. You might notice the removal of the V-Touch Valve triangle (as all cans are V-Touch now) and all cans will boast the raw brushed logo, which was obviously the favourite as we enjoyed the red, yellow and blue varieties over the last year.

Keep an eye out for these new, revamped products in store and online at MTN Australia - it's the paint you love from MTN in fresh new cans, and don't forget to post photos using MTN on Instagram using the hashtag #mtn20159494 2 New Donut 2 New Donut New Look Hardcore
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Tags: News

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