The head over at Broken System Productions have been at it again with a fresh new video on their blog - this time showcasing Sydney artists Bones and Gooz bringing some colour to the raw concrete canals of their home city. The video compiles hours of work compressed into a short 2 minute clip using Timelapse Photography.

These two Sydney artists have been household names of Sydney's graffiti community for some time now and are only further cementing themselves into the minds and memories of artists around Sydney, Australia and the world. Their pieces aren't wild or complicated, just fundamentally correct. A lot of artists these days surpass the essential stage that these guys have mastered - perfecting the letter form before taking pieces to the next step with some extra spice. If there's any writers that up-and-coming artists should look to, it's these fellas. All footage for Fresh on Raw was submitted anonymously, and neither BSP or MTN Australia support or condone vandalism. All content was cut and edited by Broken System Productions. Head on over to their YouTube Channel for more madness, and check out The Wild North - their last project featuring Gooz's trip to Copenhagen. FOR 1 FOR 2 FOR 3 FOR 4   [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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