Last weekend saw Venezuelan-turned-Sydney artists M-Lon and Graphico complete a massive mural down the side of Modus Operandi, a brewing company based in Mona Vala, in the northern end of Sydney. These two have been working together for a while, creating some incredible murals, this being their second at Modus Operandi.

MLGC 1The contrast of M-Lon's characters and Graphico's sharp vector-like work makes for something unlike any murals we've seen from other artists. It's safe to say they both of these artists' diverse background and experience gained from multiple cities around the world fuses to create something special. And not just are these guys incredible artists, they're both among the nicest guys you could hope to meet. With 94's in hand, these guys got seriously busy climbing scaffolding and throwing down the colours. We're sure the guys at Modus Operandi must be stoked with the result. We've heard rumbles that these guys have a seriously interesting project in the works, a concept that's going to benefit many and shine a good light on the kind of work these guys create, breaking the negative stigma that seems to be associated with a can of spray paint. Until then, check out some photos courtesy of Kayapa Creative Studio.


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