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The crew at Abduzeedo (one of the finest design blogs out) recently had a chat with Portuguese artist Mr Dheo. A phenomenally talented guy with a wide array of skills in his arsenal. He's responsible for some of the most photorealistic portraits, curious concepts, banging colour selections and swinging pieces out there. We've nabbed a selection of photos from their feature and a few quotes from the interview. Head over to Abduzeedo for the full interview, it's a great read.

You can see more from Mr Dheo on Facebook, on his Website and on Instagram @mrdheo
MrDho1MrDho2MrDho3"I got my first real contact with graffiti in 1999 when I began listening to Hip Hop and started to do sketches straight away. In 2000 I did a couple of pieces on the street and in 2001 I became really active. Never stopped since then." - Mr Dheo MrDho4MrDho5MrDho6"Graffiti and street art in general is evolving in such a high speed that it's quite easy to stay behind if you relax too much. It just never stops and there's so many good artists doing amazing things out there. So it wouldn't be fair to name just some, there are hundreds of incredible guys creating outstanding artworks everywhere." - Mr Dheo MrDho7MrDho8MrDho9"Usually my ideas come from things I experience myself or from the context where I live. The news and the media can be one of the most powerful sources of inspiration especially if you like to explore social messages. With the idea, I concentrate on the best way to work it by looking for the right image, colors, title, etc." - Mr Dheo MrDho10MrDho11"Do it because you love it. If later that passion becomes a business, keep your principles and do it. But always enjoying it, otherwise it's pointless. Good luck!" - Mr Dheo  
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