Retro & Maide are two of Sydney's finest. Retro is a long-term member of the notorious KGB Crew, a crew with a rich Sydney heritage known for some of the most notable panels, crew walls and pieces in the most sought after spots in Sydney. Maide is a spraycan wizard, and rocks more walls than you've had hot dinners. Turn almost any corner in Sydney's Inner-West and you'll spot some of Maide's handywork. From swinging letters to curious characters, and all in the freshest of colour schemes, Maide has it dialed. We've been lucky enough to acquire a healthy stash of photos from the both of them, and thought that there's no better way to bring them to you all than in the same feature.

Check them out on Instagram at @blogthief and @liquidpastels RTROMDE RTROMDE1 RTROMDE2 RTROMDE3 RTROMDE4 RTROMDE5 RTROMDE6 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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