What can be said about Tones? The man is a graffiti powerhouse. Reigning from Athens, Greece, Tones first picked up the can in 2006, and is now one of the finest writers to come from his home country. His approach to graffiti is something a lot of artists could learn from, and his colour schemes are always on point. Sometimes unusual, but always right. Check out the video he made for us of a summer stroll, with Mega Plata's in hand and a beautiful raw wall.

The way Tones constructs his letters is something a lot of skilled writers have in common. He makes them strong and dynamic with a nice flow, strong enough to stand alone if need be. He then throws in the other elements, those extra kicks for some flavour, like connections, arrows etc. His approach to colours is similar. He starts with a strong basis and then experiments with additional colours, tones and effects. This always leads to a strong array of colours, making for some of the incredible pieces we've come to expect from the man. His main target as far as surfaces go is untouched walls, or 'virgin walls'. Raw brick or concrete walls, clean, untouched spots in nature that just beg for some colours. Having said that, he's not one to shy away from a buffed wall, bricks, trains, or anything else. He'll make it work. Exploring is part of the fun according to Tones. And whilst we've published a stack of colourful burners, he's known to rock anything from productions to chromies (check that video!), throwies, tags and anything else. He's a true jack of all graffiti trades. Check out Tones' Flickr page and follow him on Instagram @dirtysprayer, and keep an eye on this guy. TNS 6 TNS 1 TNS 2 TNS 3 TNS 4 TNS 5   TNS 7 TNS 8 TNS 9 TNS 10 TNS 11 TNS 12 TNS 13 TNS 14 TNS 15 TNS 16 TNS 17 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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