Being so far away us east-coast dwellers probably don't take enough notice of what's going down with our brothers on the west coast. We cast our eyes over towards the west and this guy jumped out at us. We've been snooping on his style for a while now and just have to share it with you. His name is Fudge, and this guy's got style.

A born and bred Perth resident, Fudge took up the can in the mid 90's, which you cans see in his work purely by the control he's got. Fudge is hardly new to the feeling of a valve under his index finger. Currently he describes his style as influenced by comic books, anime, type design, Newscorp propaganda and Russian constructivist/suprematist artists. That's quite a broad spectrum, but who are we to complain, it makes for some mighty fine pieces. He doesn't approach his letters in the usual fashion, with the "public or wildstyle, fill-overfill-ouitline-aura" approach that seems to be a formula for so many. Instead Fudge deconstructs his letters and pieces, taking them back to abstract geometric shapes, and makes new designs out of what he's made of these letters. He confesses he'd happily use MTN yellow's, rosa's, violet's and greys until the cows come home - if it weren't for the flack he cops for being 'boring' - but hey, do what works for you, right? Whatever approach Fudge takes, it's working, and he's on it. Check out this album of his latest, including one he rocked with Perth style master, Ayres, eighth photo down. Check out Fudge's website and follow him on Instagram @fudge_works - not just does he burn walls, he's got some serious illustrations going too. FDGE 1 FDGE 2 FDGE 3 FDGE 4 FDGE 5 FDGE 6 FDGE 7FDGE 85FDGE 8FDGE 9FDGE 10FDGE 11FDGE 12FDGE 13FDGE 14FDGE 15FDGE 16 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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