Grizzle - Mucho Grizz

The nomadic artist we know as Grizzle is a mysterious creature. Galavanting from place to place gracing walls as he goes, he's certainly one of the finest fellows out there. The only thing better than his colour schemes are his cheeky characters, some of which you can see on this wall he recently painted with none other than Umpel (@umpelumpel on Instagram).

We asked this 94 rocker what he would like for us to say about this wall, only to receive a typically Grizz'esque response of; "Grizz' wants an assistant that will tell him jokes and high five him when he least expects it preferably with good pins and has watched the original Star Wars films at least once". So we'll let you all take that as you will. You can find Grizzle on Instagram at @ohmygrizzle and find his online store at GRZ 1 GRZ 2 GRZ 3 GRZ 4 GRZ 5 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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