In our second interview for the week, we're proud to share out chat with Doofus, a Perth based writer, artist and graphic designer. This guy is a good example of someone with a diverse style, and the ability to execute seriously sharp type based pieces, whilst still maintaining the ability to swing those letters like a beast. He's also got a tasty handstyle, rocking those tricky double O's like he was born with a can fused to his hand. But enough from us, we're here to talk about Doofus.

G'day Doofus! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. First things first - introduce yourself! Hi mate! Cheers for having me. I'm a graffiti writer, artist and graphic designer from Perth, Western Australia Now, we have to ask. Doofus. Where'd the name come from? Hahaha, a few people have asked me that. Honestly, I just liked the letters. I really liked doing tags with the double 'O' and finishing on an 'S' so it just kinda stuck. Having said that life has imitated art on more than a few occasions. DFS 1What was it that first made you pick up the can, and how long ago was it that you started painting? I had an interested in graffiti from a pretty young age but it wasn't till I changed schools and started hanging around other writers that I really started to get in to it. I messed around a little after High School doing tags and bits an pieces, then dropped off for a few years. It's only really been the last 5 or so years i've started to take it seriously. Your style is often very typographic, if that's how we can describe it. Does this come from the graphic designer in you? Yeah definitely. I've always been a bit of a type nerd. I'm a big fan of old school sign painting and brush lettering so I just gravitated towards that style. DFS 2Aside from your more type-based pieces, you also know how to swing those letters nicely. What's more fun? Type of graffiti? That totally depends on the mood i'm in. I love the structure and boundaries that you have when painting a type based piece, but some days I don't have the patience and want to do something with a bit more creative freedom. I like to try keep both styles going so I don't focus solely on one or the other. Who would you say are your greatest influences when it comes to both design and graffiti? Guys like GARY, PANT and Mike Giant are big influences for me. I love that clean, often type based style. Most of my influences however are local guys that I paint with regularly. KALM, SUPA & BLESU were all really positive influences on me starting out. AYRES has also been a massive influence on myself, not just in graffiti but life in general...flummon top bloke that one! DFS 3What does an average day look like for you? Normally in the studio working on something, for as long as I can before I get the inevitable message to come down the pub for a couple. We like to do a little thing here called Top 3. We'll fire a few topics at you, and you hit us back with your Top 3 of whatever these might be. Go! Australian Writers: 1. KALM 2. AYRES 3. REALS Foreign Writers: 1. GARY 2. PANT 3. Mike Giant Kicks: 1. Adidas Stan Smith 2. Nike Air Presto 3. Adidas Los Angeles People you've never met: 1. Denzel Washington 2. Emily Ratajkowski 3. Bill Murray Caps: 1. Astro 2. New Yorker 3. Black Dot Cities: 1. Japan 2. New York 3. Amsterdam DFS 4Have you travelled much? If so, where's good? Not much at all really! and i'm pissed off at myself for it. Making plans for a trip to Japan and the US at the moment. If you weren't painting, what would you be doing with yourself? I'd probably be down the pub having a counter meal and a few frothies with mates. DFS 5How would you describe the scene in Perth right now? Yeah it's a bit hit or miss if i'm honest. There's a lot of guys doing some rad stuff though. Especially the guys around the Northbridge area. Do you think that being separated from the east coast is a beneficial or detrimental thing for artists and writers in Perth? I think in this day and age we aren't really that disconnected anymore. Everything is posted of some sort of social media, so even though we're so far away I still feel we're kept in the loop. Having said that I think the isolation allows for a lot of guys to develop their own unique styles without so many external influences, which is a really positive thing. Before we wrap this thing up, any last words or shout out's you'd like to give? Lots haha. I want to give a shout out to the homies KENO, HOSAE, GOTH, AYRES, NENKE, CREED, BLES, JAWS, KALM, SUPA, PABLO, HYZR, ZIFF, TAPE, MANE, GOTOO, MESK, BOLTS, PAWK, The Butcher Shop team and anyone else i've missed! Thanks for your time Doofus! Pleasure mate! Head over to Instagram to check Doofus out at @doofus_1 DFS 6 DFS 7 DFS 8 DFS 9 DFS 10 DFS 11 DFS 12 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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