Our latest featured artist is none other than Pout, out of Düsseldorf, Germany. Pout has been writing graffiti since 1998 when he first picked up the can and found himself hooked. He found ambition early on from the pieces in his neighbourhood and the Hall of Fame, and since then, hasn't held back. We got in touch with this German piece-machine and learned a bit about him, and have a huge gallery of his works to share.

Pout actually chose his name simply based on the letters while he was searching for a new name, and didn't know what it meant, until a friend's mother drew the English meaning in to his attention. "As I tell everyone my opinion in the face, whether good or bad, some is offended and what fits better than - pout!" He proudly represents two crews - COPS (Club of Porn Stars) and DHS (Drunken Heroes). In his words - "Two different crews that one share - holding together as a family. Shout-outs to the guys!" Pout finds his inspiration in his friends, his environment and architecture. He never takes to a wall with a dedicated sketch, instead Pout uses the vibe and the feel of the wall in  front of him to shape his style and what he feels like doing in the moment. He also vibes off what the other people he's painting with are doing, so it all works well together. You can check out Pout on Instagram @pout_cops and on Facebook here. [gallery ids="10902,10903,10904,10905,10906,10907,10908,10909,10910,10911,10912,10913,10914,10915,10916,10917,10918,10919,10920,10921,10922,10923,10924,10925,10926,10927,10928,10929,10930,10931,10932,10933,10934,10935,10936,10937,10938,10939"] [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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