SetOne x Spray Daily

One of the finest writers to come out of Sydney, SetOne has been interviewed by the guys over at Spray Daily, one of the most well updated Graffiti blogs around. SetOne has an infectious style that's iconically Sydney, but also contains it's own unmissable elements of swing and flavour. He has a knack of adapting to the environment or location he's in, making the most of the wall or the surroundings. Check out a couple of snaps from the feature, including full-scale burners, wholecars waiting for the slaughter and quick 2 colour jams where location is everything. Check out the whole interview here and find Set on Instagram at @set1st

STONE 2"I always liked to draw, I was a competitive kid and liked a challenge, Somewhere down the line I met some guys that were into graffiti, then managed to catch the ‘bug’ so to say." - SetOne STONE 3"To be technical (my style) is a variation/version of Sydney-style which is a version of New York semi-wild style which is.. blah blah. I’m not too sure, I just paint the kind of graffiti I like to look at I guess. Doesn’t everyone do that?" - SetOne STONE 4"I have met some really good people doing this (some of my closest friends) and some really irritating people too. I mean, Just because we share a common interest does not mean we are obliged to be friends and/or paint together.. And spare me from that big ego bullshit, You ain‘t no hotshot architect or surgeon, you are just a graffiti writer." - SetOne STONE 5"A whole bunch of writers (far too many to name) have and continue to inspire me -both locally and abroad. There are so many talented writers and artists from all over the world that its hard not to feel inspired and motivated by what others are doing." - SetOne STONE 1 [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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