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The French Canadian graffiti legends 123KLAN are at it again, this time with a space-funk style mural in their hometown of Montreal. Scien & Klor's styles are nothing but iconic, and truly representative of fundamental graffiti - getting those letters and making them look good! It's a few months now since they came to Sydney for the Streets Ahead exhibition, and I think I speak for everyone who had the chance to meet them or see the show that we're ready for another visit, and it's about time Sydney copped another 123KLAN wall. Don't you think? Enjoy the video produced by Yoann Robin and the quirky soundtrack, and of course find 123KLAN on Instagram @123klan and check out their website.

123K 1 123K 2 123K 3 123K 4 123K 5 123K 6 [catalog-product slug="banditism-logo-tee-black-3"]

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