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Sydney writer Este has been in the game for longer than some young up-and-comers have been on this green earth, but keeps a low profile. With a unique take on graffiti, Este takes it on as more of a personal challenge than a fight for notoriety. With a simple yet funky style and years of experience under his belt, Este's got it going on. Enjoy a rare glimpse of his work from Sydney and around the world and a few words from the man himself.

EST 1"I have picked up a can of paint more times than most but been noticed less times than the majority. Graffiti fame has never really been a goal to me, it has always been a competition I have had with myself to achieve more. This feature was just something I felt I should do to show how much you can still achieve whilst being reserved.  I started out in the mid 90's and quickly became addicted. Graffiti has become a way of life even though I have slowed right down, it has taught me that once it is all said and done it still opens doors for you in life because you never lose that mindset and your mentality to persist allows you to strive forward and become successful in all facets of life. Would I do it all again ? with no questions asked." - Este EST 2 EST 3 EST 4 EST 5 EST 6 EST 7 EST 8 EST 9 EST 10 EST 11 EST 12 EST 13 [catalog-product slug="mtn-speed"]

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