ARYZ in Venezuela

Aryz has recently been in Venezuela and completed this incredible mural thanks to Huellas Del Arte. Venezuela is a place that brings with it a series of challenges, but Aryz seems to have made the most of his visit. He's also recently completed some incredible murals in Istanbul, Turkey, and in Carballo, Galicia this year. Take a look at his recent works and enjoy a glimpse of his time in Venezuela documented by Germán Rigol.

"As far as I've seen, Venezuela is an amazing place, however it is in a tough moment because there is big interest by many countries to make Venezuela collapse. In this type of projects you don't have the best infrastructure, but I had the chance to meet some amazing people and hear and experience some crazy stories... the result may not be as good as it could be, but the experience was totally worth it." - Aryz You can find Aryz on Instagram @mr_aryz and take a closer look at his works on his website at ARZ 1 ARZ 2 ARZ 3 ARZ 4 ARZ 5 ARZ 6We also jump back quickly to September last year to check out this video by VNA Magazine giving a glimpse into Aryz's studio and his work habits. [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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