DEFY x Vaughn Bodé x Pokemon

Defy reigns fro Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, and represents ADM crew. Recently he's dropped two super tidy pieces through MTN-World and the guys at MTN Caribbean. The first a tribute to Vaughn Bodé, with a cheeky character in some wicked violets. The second mural includes some inspiration from none other than Pokemon, and the pathetic Magikarp. Though I think he makes Magikarp look about as good as it ever will! Defy has a way with layers, colours and letters that just sucks you in. Enjoy these two from the Puerto Rican spray can wizard and check Defy out on Facebook here and on Instagram @mosdefynite.

DFY 6 DFY 7 DFY 8 DFY 9DFY 1DFY 2DFY 3DFY 4DFY 5 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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