Here it is - the 25 Greatest Australian Graffiti Writers. Before we begin, we have to firstly state that this list is opinion of Dmote. A legendary Australian graffiti artist in his own right, and someone with a profound knowledge of Australia's graffiti scene. This list is also from the pages of history itself. Do you think that if it were true of today, it would be any different? Unarguably this list contains mostly old school legends, despite the plethora of up and coming burners and legends being formed today. What would your Top 25 list look like? Would these names make an appearance, or would it look vastly different? Surely  location, generation and style would all play a huge part in what makes someone's Top 25. Regardless, check out the list of who DMOTE thinks are the 25 greatest in the pages of Australian graffiti history - appearing in no particular order. Courtesy of Complex.

25 KAB

25. KAB

Adelaide's Finest!


24. Paul Winner

WINNER did not product a huge body of work. However, the quality was second to none in Sydney.


23. Jeno

A master of the simple, JENO was the first person I saw in Australia to use a round cap to final a piece. Super clean, super funky! 22 PRONTO


The best and most prolific of the big four (AC, MSA, DMA, WCA) in Melbourne in the 80's and 90's. PRONTO kinged the trains with end to end throw ups and insides... 21 SOFLES


A true all rounder and master of the tool, SOFLES is changing the face of technical graffiti. He is the future! 20 BREAK


BREAK is one of the most active and consistent train writers of the 90's, 2000's, and beyond. Unbreakable. 19 DAMET & FUSION


The blokes crushed it worldwide. They are the first of a new breed of Australian vandals. 18 KSINO


There is no doubting KSINO's presence on the international scene in the '90s. The first true graffiti ambassador from Australia, KSINO made things happen. 17 KERUPT


KERUPT has always been there and never stopped, he continues to do the most and some of the best graffiti coming from Down Under. 16 PRINS

16. PRINs

The crazy PRINS is and was an amazing talent that forged ahead from what was expected. He created his own style of native wildstyle, truly original. 15 KADE

15. KADE

KADE, the "acid king", is the master of markers, handstyles and all things raw... 14 SCRAM


The funk style master is ever changing and evolving into the future. Scram is the Pied Piper of a band of talented Sydney style rats... 13 CIS Crew

13. CIS Crew

This infamous crew from Bondi boasted some of the best cars ever painted in the early '80s. They ran tough and ruled with an iron fist.   12 HAMS

12. HAMS

HAMS was way ahead of the game in the early 80's. Based in isolated Brisbane, by '84 his pieces were so refined that he was already miles ahead of the game. 11 PUZLE


The last true train king, PUZLE. He did them big, bad, and bold, full concept cars with all styes, all city. The WCA leader and major influence on his peers and the scene. 10 PARIS & PERIL


Some of the biggest, funkiest, most stylish true hip-hop heads in the game! 9 CASIM


Part of the the FAB 4 crew in Sydney, CASIM is credited with being the first graffiti writer in Sydney and arguably in Australia. The first piece was "TRACER" in the domain. R.I.P. 8 TAME


Part of Melbourne's new wave, alongside NEW 2, TAME is DMA style king. 7 NEW2

7. NEW 2

Here comes the new wave in Melbourne. Together with TAME, he took over with the funk, bringing the most accurate New York style of the eighties to Australia. 6 DUEL


Melbourne's DUEL is a wildstyle technician. The multilayered B-Boy king is an early master, putting some of the most detailed burners on Melbourne's train system. Also, he was the first Australian to put paint on a New York subway car.



Part of the futuristic FAB4 crew in Sydney, STYLEZ was a master of color, technique, and handstyles. A huge influence on the culture from day one. 4 DSKIZ


Noted as one of the original style masters of Melbourne and first to do it. True Wildstyle master. 3 JCEE


Australia's original train king, JCEE achieved numbers in the hundreds while most other writers were no where close. He managed to pull off full color top to bottoms and whole cars when it seemed almost impossible. He's most famous for his running battle with detective andrews, and was head of the vandal squad in Sydney. R.I.P... 2 BANOS


No other writer in Australia has achieved the fame and infamy that BANOS has managed. He's built an incomparable body of work. No doubt Australia's king of bombing. 1 MERDA


Part of the a.k.a crew, and internationally recognised as a major player from as early on as 89' - after being mentioned in Phase 2's International Graffiti Times international style competition. Merda has always been ahead of the game with both style and concept, if there was anyone at the top it would have to go to him. [catalog-product slug="mtn-speed"]


The lost kid

What about jislad?? He is one of the best!

The lost kid

Sorry mate. All respect for getting the site established but you need my input. I grew up in Sydney in the 80’s/90’s with a brother that was mad graf which led me into it too. Kidnap/Bank were king from 87-91. As you probably know, train graf was all that really counted. We hit St James, Penrith, Lavender Bay and Waterfall yards regularly. We did a whole car at Lithgow that ran for 4 weeks! Kidnap probably has 150 panels under his belt. Damet…well he was a funny fucker but more interested in taking acid than graf. I knew every graf player in Sydney between 1985-1992. The Sydney graf scene is underrepresented and has an amazing history. Trust me. I met the early kings and rolled with the best. It was truly amazing and the passion and fun for subway art was incredible. Shame it was illegal.


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