The guys at SprayDaily are at it again, this time with a 'Hello My Name Is' interview with Barcelona's Japon VLOK WMD. An influential writer from the Spanish city and home of Montana Colors, Japon has been in the game since 2002 and has one of the most unique yet funky styles around. Check out some grabs from the interview and a solid gallery of pieces by the man himself. Check out the full interview here and follow Japon on Instagram @vaponvlok

JPN 1"Graffiti is an inseparable part of my life, something that surrounds me and defines me as a person. I can’t think of my life without graffiti, it makes me different than the rest of the people and has given me a lot of amazing experiences since the beginning. Drawing and painting are my passions." - JAPON JPN 2"Life is calm and relaxed, Barcelona is a city for tourists. Personally I have a hate/love relationship with my city, I hate the government/police´s strong repression against young people and the permissibility of other things. It is a nice city to live in, but I couldn´t stay here too long without travelling outside. Graffiti is totally illegal in the city but the government promotes useless “free walls” or events where rich kids do their “art”…" - JAPON JPN 3"I have been drawing since I could remember, initially just comics. One day a friend asked me to do a character with a spray next to his letters. This is how I discover graffiti. Then I learned the real deal was the letters, trying to do different letters everytime, trying to be different, this is a personal target for me… and sometimes it is not easy." - JAPON JPN 4"It is not a graffiti trend, it is a global world trend. When I started mobile phones didn´t exist, internet or graffiti spray paint or caps either. Everything was research, hard and long and in the end when you managed to do something you could be proud of it… you could really enjoy it, because of the effort it cost you to complete it…. Nowadays everything is easy, and most people don’t appreciate the value of it all. It is a global trend." - JAPON [gallery ids="11515,11516,11517,11518,11519,11520,11521,11522,11523,11524,11525,11526"] [catalog-product slug="mtn-speed"]

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