A new series has come to be through the hands of the guys at Spray Daily called 'Runners'. This series focuses on the moment of ecstasy felt by writers when they execute a panel, and then have the pleasure of watching that panel run in service, for all to see. This first episode is a banger, that's indisputable, and will be hard to follow up! In this first episode we watch Stereo of the infamous 1UP Crew get busy on a few trains with the new MTN Speed in hand. The perfect tool for the job.

We've been enjoying watching the global scene adopt Speed and using it for exactly what it was made for - high coverage in no time at all. You'll see how diverse the can is in this video, from outrageously fast fills and sketch-ups to think, solid outlines and great coverage. Have you tried MTN Speed? Be sure to get your hands on some in store at MTN Australia or online here! RNRS 1 RNRS 2 RNRS 3 RNRS 4 RNRS 5 [catalog-product slug="mtn-speed"]

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