Vino, apart form being a favourite of ours here at MTN, is one of the funkiest writers in Europe and has been so for decades. His unique approach to letters, cheeky characters and banging colourways make him one of the finest. Spray Daily also appears to agree, featuring him in the latest instalment in the 'Hello My Name Is' series.

VNO 1The interview, which you can find HERE, dives into the mind of Vino, and explores how he became involved in graffiti, how he manages graffiti with his personal life, how he approaches his work and the cities he loves. head over to Spray Daily to check it out and of course, enjoy the snaps below of some of Vino's runners. VNO 2"I’m a normal person who found graffiti as a young kid, when graffiti was not as popular/unpopular as now and discovered a new underworld where money was not the most important thing in the world and friendship was the main reason to be there. I’m still that same guy…" - Vino VNO 3"I have always adapted my civill life to my graffiti life, they are intertwined. You grow and you have more responsibilities as an adult, and you try to manage both. And then… you have kids and nothing is ever the same. I’m very lucky with my family and friends because they understand it." - Vino VNO 4"Life in the area where I come from is hard and graffiti keeps my mind focused on a creative thing. It is strange but I can say graffiti takes me out from the neighborhood and opens my mind." - Vino VNO 5 VNO 6 VNO 7 VNO 8 VNO 9 VNO 10 VNO 11 VNO 12 [catalog-product slug="mtn-speed"]

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