Ces x Water Based and 94 Graphic Markers

In this video published by our HQ in Spain on Montana Colors TV we see - Ces an infamous NYC writer, trying out the new MTN Water Based Markers and 94 Graphic Illustration Markers. Check out his first impressions!

One of the best in the graff game and hailing from New York City; Ces creates a wild style piece with our new marker range. And boy does he make it look easy!

Watch as he reviews the new MTN Water Based Markers and 94 Graphic Markers and gives you his expert opinion. Ces executes one of his classic sketches, through the combination and versatility of these two new markers, making for some interesting viewing.

  Ces-MTN-Markers-1Filling in with the Rain Blue 94 Graphic Marker. "These are definitely great markers, it doesn't take me to do a whole drawing to have that opinion" - Ces    Ces-MTN-Markers-2Creating his background for his sketch with the Magenta 94 Graphic Marker.   Ces-MTN-Markers-3Highlighting with the Quinacridone Magenta Water Based Marker. "MTN Water Based Markers, Solid!" - Ces   Ces-MTN-Markers-4Creating depth with the Phthalo Blue Light Water Based Marker on top the Rain Blue 94 Graphic Marker. It fills in quick, it writes smooth" - Ces   Ces-MTN-Markers-5Final thoughts of the new Montana Colors Water Based Markers and 94 Graphic Markers, "I'm just amazed by it" - Ces Check out Ces on Instagram @wish4ces u ///3//u

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