Check it out!, as Blackbook Ink creatively brightens up a new office space in Macquarie Park, NSW, by creating the perfect mural to motivate the workspace for the staff. Their choice of paint was obvious. It had to be our MTN Water Based 300 and MTN Water Based 100.

These new Water Base cans are the first of their type on the market and as the mural was to be completed indoor and during work hours, the Water Base cans were simply the perfect tool. The very low-odour paint was perfect for the job and allowed staff to be present, without the need for ventilation or masks. Being that the company's logo is a panther, Blackbook Ink decided to fill their workspace with a pallet of vibrant colours, integrated with an image of a panther as their focal point. Nice job Blackbook Ink!

Check out our new MTN Water Based Markers , which are perfectly compatible with our MTN Water Based 300 and MTN Water Based 100 spray cans. You'll be able to use spray paint in combination with the markers for more accurate details and highlights - creative experimenting is endless!  And remember....If you have a spot or a wall that you want professionally painted, never fear to contact us here at We can put you in touch with the best in the business. BBI-WB-001 BBI-WB-002   BBI-WB-003 BBI-WB-004 BBI-WB-005 BBI-WB-006

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