MTN Chalk Marker 2.0mm - Blue

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The MTN Chalk Marker is a 2 mm felt tip high opacity chalk marker whose paint can be easily erased. The paint is specially designed for temporary applications like decoration or any other situation when you need a highly versatile paint that’s simple to remove later.

To clean the paint, you just need a damp cloth or a jet of water. Remember, the less porous the surface you paint, the easier it will be to remove. The markers are available in ten high opacity colours, offering a great resistance to light. The paint is odourless and doesn’t contain xylene.


  • Removable chalk paint.
  • Great resistant to light.
  • Tip: 2mm
  • Available in 10 opacity colours.
  • Color name: Chalk Marker Blue
  • CMYK: 89,62,6,0
  • HEX: #0a5ca4

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