MTN PRO Spray Paint - Marking Paint 500ml - Orange

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MTN Pro Marking Paint is a solvent acrylic paint whose revolutionary designs works with a 360° valve that allows the paint to be applied by placing the can in any position. 

It is composed of high-quality thermoplastic acrylic resins and copolymers, specially designed for temporary marking. 


  • Product composition: Mix of resins.
  • Touch dry: 5 minutes
  • Totally dry: 10 minutes
  • Color range / finish: 7 colors (White, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, Fuchsia, Blue).
  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Theorical Yield: 2.3 m2
  • Max temperature resistance: 150 °C
  • Surface application: Designed for applications that require an attractive temporary (3 months) marking: public works, topographic markings, geological studies, mining, construction and industry, etc.
  • Time to recoat: 10 minutes
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