MTN Super Sport Grip Chalk 250ml

Sale price$18.95

Liquid magnesium carbonate spray chalk for sports use. Designed to gain adherence in rock climbing, gymnastics, weightlifting, CrossFit and other activities in which a strong grip of the hands to objects or surfaces is needed. Its formulation with 70% ethyl alcohol provides ultra-fast drying while adding sanitising properties.

Contains less than 1% Rosin.


  • Shake the can for 30 seconds after you start to hear a rattling noise.
  • Keep the can upright and spray into one palm of your hand and spread the product on both. Wait for a few seconds, airing your hands, until it has dried. Repeat the operation, if necessary, to obtain the desired quantity of product.
  • Once the activity is finished, it is easily removed with water. We recommend the use of hand moisturisers to counteract dryness.
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